10 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities & Vacation Spots


As summer arrives, we all dream of a perfect vacation. But, what about our four-legged family members? Let’s dive into dog friendly vacations that welcome you and your pets. We’ll show you the best places to vacation with dogs, from the friendly trails of Bend, Oregon, to Lake Placid, New York’s tranquil scenes. These dog friendly travel destinations prove your pet can be more than just accepted—they’re celebrated!

Imagine wandering the pet-friendly red rocks of Sedona or enjoying a “yappy hour” in Carmel, California. See your dog ride waves in San Diego or hike in Acadia National Park. We have a list of pet friendly trips that ensure summer is fun for you and your furry friend. Whether it’s the sandy beaches of Santa Barbara or Austin’s unique Doga sessions, we’ve got a spot for every adventure-seeking pet owner. You’ll learn about dog friendly hotels and exciting activities to enjoy together.

Let’s start a journey full of fun, relaxation, and unforgettable moments with your pets. There are many pet friendly accommodations all over the country. Every place you visit and every adventure you embark on will be a joy for you and your pet.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover dog-friendly adventures and accommodations across the US, from the beaches of Florida to the mountains of Arizona.
  • Uncover exciting activities for dogs, like surfing in California or exploring the vast sanctuary of Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.
  • Learn about the top cities for pet-friendly amenities, with Flagstaff and Key West leading in accommodations and dining experiences.
  • Treat your pup to luxury with special pet packages offered by hotels in destinations like Cape Elizabeth and Nantucket.
  • Embrace the outdoors with an abundance of dog-friendly trails, parks, and beaches ensuring a summer filled with exploration and bonding.

Embracing Nature in Marin County with Your Dog

Marin County is perfect for those looking to mix travel with dogs, offering pet-friendly activities and stunning views. It’s just a short trip from San Francisco. This natural paradise provides a refreshing escape for dog lovers, with trails through diverse landscapes that welcome our furry friends.

Discover Marin County’s Dog-Friendly Trails

Muir Beach and Rodeo Beach are gateways to adventures in Marin County’s beautiful outdoors, and they allow dogs. Hiking in the Marin Headlands, you’ll find hidden waterfalls near Mount Tamalpais. It’s a haven for exploring with your pet. The county boasts a range of scenery, from Victorian buildings to quaint bungalows, providing endless visual delights along the trails.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations Near Tomales Bay

Are you looking for places to stay? Check out the resorts near Tomales Bay, catering to travelers with pets. They offer both convenience and comfort. You’ll find various pet-friendly options, from renovated Victorians to modern bungalows. A trip to Marin County means beautiful sights and a warm welcome for you and your pet, making your stay unforgettable.

Seaside Fun in Santa Cruz for Canines

Santa Cruz is a top choice for dog friendly vacations. It’s a beautiful place by the sea that welcomes dogs with love. Here, you’ll find the perfect pet friendly vacation rentals and lots of fun activities for you and your pup.

dog friendly beach in Santa Cruz

Our journey starts by the ocean. Dogs can play in the water at Mitchell’s Cove Beach, a true paradise. Its Beach is a peaceful place for us and our pets to relax. Don’t miss Wilder Ranch State Park or Nisene Marks State Park. You and your dog will love the hiking trails there.

Feeling hungry? Head to Seabright Brewery, where pets can join us for a meal. Santa Cruz has many dog friendly hotels. You’ll find fancy places and affordable ones, all ready to make you and your pet comfortable.

  • Strolls on dog-friendly beaches
  • Outdoor adventure in state parks
  • Dining experiences that welcome furry guests

Finding pet-friendly vacation rentals in Santa Cruz is easy. Relax in a cozy hotel with your pet. It’s the perfect place for a complete family getaway by the coast.

Adventures with Your Pooch in Big Sur

Going to Big Sur with your dog can be a season’s highlight. There are many dog-friendly activities, so your pet is more than welcome. Think about the beautiful sights and places that are great for pets. These will make your trip relaxing and enjoyable for you and your dog.

Trail Trekking with Your Terrier

State Parks in Big Sur may limit where dogs can go, but don’t worry. Los Padres National Forest welcomes you and your dog on any trail. If you love the beach, places like Pfieffer, Sand Dollar, and Garrapata Beach let dogs have fun in the water and sand. These are among the best spots for dog-friendly fun in Big Sur.

Pet-Friendly Stays at Luxury Resorts

Big Sur Lodge and Fernwood Campground & Resort offer great places to stay with your pet. These places have special dog amenities, like comfy beds and water bowls. They ensure your pet feels as spoiled as you do during your stay.

Enjoy meals with your pet at places like The Redwood Grill at The Fernwood Resort, Big Sur Bakery, or Coast Big Sur. The whole area supports bringing your dog along. You’ll love the blend of dog-friendly activities and welcoming spots along this beautiful stretch of coastline.

Los Padres National ForestDog-friendly hikingFree
Pfieffer BeachBeach day with dogParking fee applicable
Big Sur LodgeOvernight stayVaries by season
Ventana CampgroundCamping with dogAvg. $80/night
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park CampgroundCamping with dog$35/night
Local Dog-Friendly RestaurantsDining with petPrice of meal

Your trip to Big Sur with your pet will be full of special moments. With plenty of pet-friendly places, your vacation will be peaceful and welcoming. These memories with your dog in such a beautiful place will be treasured forever.

San Diego’s Sunny Beaches: A Dog’s Paradise

Dog lovers search for the perfect dog-friendly vacations in Southern California. San Diego shines with its dog-friendly beaches, making it the top choice for a dog-friendly getaway in SoCal. Here, pets are welcome to enjoy the beautiful coastline with their owners.

Dog Friendly Beach San Diego

Our adventures turn peaceful at Del Mar’s North Beach, which welcomes dogs all year. However, in summer, dogs should be kept on a leash to respect others. It’s a beautiful spot for dogs and their owners.

Huntington Beach has a special 1.5-mile area for dogs to play in the waves. At Long Beach’s Rosie’s Dog Beach, dogs have four acres to play under the sunny skies. It’s perfect for sunny weekend fun.

BeachLocationLeash PolicySpecial Amenities
Del Mar’s North BeachSan DiegoOn-leash required during peak summer seasonYear-round access
Huntington Beach Dog BeachHuntington BeachDesignated off-leash area1.5-mile stretch for dogs
Rosie’s Dog BeachLong BeachOff-leash permittedFour-acres of dog-friendly beach

Many coastal communities offer dog friendly vacations. Ventura’s Surfers’ Point welcomes dogs on a leash. Nearby, Barrelhouse 101 has great brews for relaxing after beach time.

Further North, Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara offers areas for dogs with and without leashes. It has amenities like dog washes. Carmel Beach allows dogs to roam free on voice command, making it a heavenly beach experience.

Fort Funston in San Francisco combines dog freedom with hang gliding for adventurous owners. For peace seekers, Kiva Beach in Lake Tahoe invites leashed dogs for refreshing swims against stunning scenery.

In conclusion, California’s North Coast like Moonstone Beach in Trinidad is a must-visit. It blends adventure with dog-friendly beaches, making trips memorable for everyone.

Dalmatian dog playing in sea water
dog having fun beach

Outdoor Dining and Beach Time in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, on California’s Riviera, is great for dog-friendly vacations. It has beautiful sandy shores and pet-friendly accommodations. Here, pets and their owners get top treatment for a relaxing stay.

Dog-Friendly Beaches for Furry Swimmers

Arroyo Burro Beach is a gem in Santa Barbara. It lets dogs play in the waves without a leash. At this beach, the air fills with happy barks and ocean sounds. It’s a lovely spot for pets and owners to enjoy the sun.

Pet Resorts Offering More Than Just a Stay

Pet friendly accommodations in Santa Barbara are impressive. Places like Camp Canine offer grooming and training. They make sure your pet is well cared for.

Check out the table below for top pet-friendly home rentals in the area:

LocationAverage RatingReviews Count
Guest suite in Oxnard4.98619
Home in Santa Barbara5.0134
Guest suite in Santa Barbara4.92215
Guest suite in Camarillo5.0229
Guesthouse in Santa Barbara (Mesa Flat)4.88228
Home in Santa Barbara (Fabulous Studio/Suite)4.95150
Guesthouse in Ballard4.79815
Cottage in Santa Barbara (Lighthouse Keeper’s House)4.95304
Guest suite in Montecito4.95237
Guesthouse in Santa Barbara (Cozy Stone Cottage)4.97239
Guesthouse in Summerland4.91409
Home in Santa Barbara (The Captain’s Cottage)4.98192

Santa Barbara is a top spot for dog friendly vacations. You can enjoy meals with your pet at the Brewhouse or Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach. Your dining experience is better with your furry friend by your side.

Desert Discoveries: Dog-Friendly Death Valley

Taking your dog on a vacation through America’s deserts is a great way to bond. Death Valley National Park shows off the beauty of the outdoors. Yet, you’ll need to consider your pet’s needs in this tough environment.

Safety Tips for Pets in National Parks

Being prepared is essential when bringing pets to Death Valley. Visit in cooler months for a safer trip. Make sure to bring plenty of water, use booties to protect your dog’s paws, and never leave them in a parked car. Know how to spot heatstroke and where to find pet-friendly accommodations for a cool rest.

Year-Round Dog Accommodations in Death Valley

It’s smart to look up pet-friendly places before your trip. Ridgecrest is a great start, with many choices. Near Joshua Tree National Park, Yucca Valley welcomes pets for on-leash walks. Places like Panamint Springs and Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel love having dogs visit. Remember these tips to ensure your trip is enjoyable for your pet too.

Desert LocationPet-Friendly ActivitiesAccommodation Options
Death Valley National ParkCamping, backcountry roadsPanamint Springs, Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel
Anza-Borrego Desert State ParkTrails, exploration opportunitiesMultiple in-state options
Joshua Tree National ParkRoadsides, campgrounds, picnic areasYucca Valley accommodations
Ridgecrest, CAAccess to Mojave Desert and Death ValleyDiverse pet-friendly lodgings

Lake Tahoe’s Scenic Beauty and Dog-Friendly Spots

Discussing dog friendly vacations brings Lake Tahoe to mind immediately. Its beautiful shores and trails are perfect for pets and owners. You and your furry friend will love the dog friendly activities at Kiva Beach or Coon Street Beach.

Walking the Rubicon Trail or Tahoe Rim Trail brings us closer to nature and our pets. Adventure-filled days lead to relaxing nights at places like Basecamp Hotel. These spots are great for pets and charge small fees for a happy stay.

Hotel / PlaceFeatureActivity
Whitney Peak HotelDoggie Bag with treats & toysUrban exploration in Reno
Renaissance Reno Downtown HotelPrime Truckee River locationRiverfront walking
Wild River GrilleDog-friendly patio diningSupports Nevada Humane Society
West Street MarketDog-friendly outdoor plazaDiverse culinary experiences
Noble Pie MidtownDog-friendly patioDining with pets
Hub Coffee RoastersPublic art areas nearbyCoffee and riverside strolls
Sand Harbor State ParkWinter dog-friendly beachLake Tahoe beach play
Reno Aces BallparkDog Days summer eventsBaseball games with dogs
Rancho San Rafael Park25-acre off-leash dog parkOutdoor play and socialization

Eating outside with our dogs is now common, and places like Wild River Grille are welcoming. They support the Nevada Humane Society. West Street Market offers pet friendly trips in a dog-friendly space. Enjoying meals with our dogs there is easy and stress-free.

Noble Pie Midtown and Hub Coffee Roasters make time with our dogs special. They offer unique treats for pets. Reno Aces allow dogs to join in during summer Dog Days, mixing baseball with pet love.

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park offers vast spaces for dogs to roam freely. These trips with our pets create unforgettable memories. The bond between pets and owners grows, leading us to joyful experiences.

Carmel-By-the-Sea: A Canine’s Coastal Retreat

Welcome to Carmel-By-the-Sea, a top dog-friendly vacation spot. This coastal place attracts both humans and dogs with its dog-friendly hotels and freedom for dogs. Dogs can run off-leash at Carmel Beach, making the place perfect for dog lovers.

Off-Leash Beaches and Scenic Bluff Paths

Exploring Carmel-By-the-Sea leads us to the Scenic Bluff Path. The views are stunning and the welcome is hearty. Walking the path, you’ll find hidden coves and learn about Clint Eastwood’s past at the Hog’s Breath Inn. Nearby, Point Lobos State Reserve offers incredible Pacific views and sea lion sounds. It’s a fantastic spot for you and your dog.

dog friendly vacations in Carmel-By-the-Sea

Stay at Dog-Welcoming Inns and Hotels

The town has many dog friendly hotels that offer comfort and variety. La Playa Carmel serves a gourmet breakfast, while Carmel Valley Ranch offers scenic leisure. Both Cypress Inn and Hofsas House Hotel treat dogs as valued guests. This ensures a pleasant stay for everyone.

Dining in Carmel is also dog-inclusive. Forge in the Forest treats dogs with biscuits and water bowls. For a taste of the Mediterranean, try PortaBella’s dishes. Flaherty’s Seafood Grill serves fresh, wild-caught fish, making dining enjoyable for all.

In Carmel-By-the-Sea, dog-friendly vacations thrive. The place offers organic food, exciting trails, and kind accommodations. It’s a coastal haven where you can make lasting memories with your dog.

Indulge in Dog Friendly Vacations at Napa Valley’s Wineries

We love integrating our pets into travel plans. Picture a sunny afternoon walking through Napa Valley’s vineyards. This place is known for its dog-friendly vibe and fine wines.

Imagine your dog’s happiness as you enjoy Napa Valley’s best wines. Amazing places like Trefethen Family Vineyards and Mumm Napa value pets as much as people. They offer welcoming patios and beautiful grounds.

Sip and Stroll with Your Pet at Vineyards

Napa’s boutique wineries are perfect for you and your pet. They have great outdoor spaces for walking and enjoying the scenery. This makes dog friendly vacations memorable with lots of happy moments.

Luxury Lodging for You and Your Four-Legged Friend

Indulge in luxury with your pet at places like Carneros Resort and Spa at night. These places are the best for dog-friendly vacations and cater to both you and your pet’s needs.

Near this wine paradise is the beautiful Skyline Wilderness Park. It’s for active travelers and their dogs. It has over 10 miles of trails and can get hot or lush in summer after winter rains. Learn more at Skyline Wilderness Park.

The park is also full of wildlife and has a Native American Garden. Remember, pets must be on a leash in certain areas. This helps keep everyone safe and happy.

There’s a pool to cool off in during summer. And for a comfy night, there are many pet-friendly accommodations. You and your dog will find a perfect place to rest.


We’ve seen America’s beauty and how it welcomes those seeking dog-friendly vacations. From the soft sands of Santa Cruz to the Mojave National Preserve, our pets are more than accepted—they’re celebrated. The wide range of pet-friendly trips, from Alaska’s cold waters to Key West’s sunny streets, shows a major shift in travel culture.

Taking leisurely walks in Asheville, North Carolina, or adventuring in Key West, Florida, prove the inclusivity of dog-friendly travel destinations. Seattle, Washington, even includes our pets daily, using DoggieLawn dog pads to ease pets’ routines. This shows how much cities care about our pets’ comfort, even when we’re traveling.

Our trips now reflect our love and respect for our pets. Choosing places like Austin, Texas, and Lake Tahoe shows our love for pets in social events. From yappy hours to beach adventures, these places meet our wish for pet companionship. Let’s celebrate these top spots for the best places to vacation with dogs. They turn our travel dreams into real, memorable experiences with our pets.



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