Meet the Giant Dogs: 25 Largest Dog Breeds in Existence


Discover the giants of the dog world. Here are the 25 biggest breeds you’ll find. These include the majestic Saint Bernard, the agile Irish Wolfhound, and the watchful Great Dane. These dogs are not just big. They are also known for their unique traits. Traits like loyalty, strength, and special skills for different tasks.

Take the Newfoundland, for example. This dog is often used in search and rescue missions. Then there’s the protective Cane Corso. These big breeds offer a lot of benefits. They can be great companions and very useful.

There are many different breeds to explore. Each breed has a unique role. You’ll soon see the strong bond between humans and these amazing dogs.

Remember, each breed is unique. So, take the time to learn about each one. Discover their strengths, their roles, and how they can fit into your life. This knowledge will deepen your appreciation for these wonderful dogs.

Don’t forget, these are real dogs. They’re large, loyal, and incredibly useful. So, next time you see a giant dog, remember all the amazing things they can do. It’s time to celebrate these remarkable breeds!

Key Takeaways

  • Big dogs like the Great Dane are famous. They are large and strong. They also have unique personalities.
  • The Saint Bernard is another big dog. It’s known for its size and strength too.
  • The Irish Wolfhound is a giant breed. It’s famous for its unique personality.
  • There are other large dogs too. The Newfoundland, Leonberger, and Bernese Mountain Dogs are such breeds. They are loyal and gentle.
  • The Great Pyrenees is also a large breed. It has many capabilities.
  • Some big dogs are powerful but gentle. The Dogue de Bordeaux and Bullmastiff are examples. They are loyal and protective.
  • The Kuvasz and Landseer are also big dogs. They are known for their power and gentleness.
  • There are many types of large dogs. The Black Russian Terrier and Akbash are examples. They have unique traits.
  • The Alaskan Malamute and Belgian Draft are large dogs too. They have their special characteristics.
  • Some large dogs are known for guarding. The Cane Corso and Caucasian Shepherd are examples. They are strong and loyal.
  • The Central Asian Shepherd and Estrela Mountain Dog are also guard dogs. They are known for their loyalty and strength.

In summary, there are many large dog breeds. Each has unique traits. Some are known for their size and strength. Others are known for their loyalty and gentleness. And some are known for their guarding abilities.

Unveiling the Giants: An Introduction to the Largest Dog Breeds

When talking big, think of the guard dog breeds. They’re a sight to behold! Through the lens of the American Kennel Club (AKC), we discover they top the charts in size among all the dog breeds in the world. These titan canines have unique characteristics that are tailored to their tasks.

Yet, don’t let their size fool you! They are as gentle as they are grand. These breeds strike an ideal balance of strength, discipline, and affection. Whether a loyal family dog or a steadfast protector, these colossal canines form bonds as deep as their heft. They’re the adorable giants of the dog realm, each with a tale of heritage and pedigree worth sharing.

Characteristics That Define the Largest Dog Breeds: More Than Just Size

When it comes to the largest dog breeds, size isn’t the only distinguishing feature. These canine titans have unique traits that set them apart from the rest of the pack. For instance, they often serve as livestock guardians. They are patient yet brave, ready to protect their charges from any threat.

The tallest dog breeds, like Great Danes, also display surprisingly gentle temperaments. Despite their daunting stature, they are affectionate and known for their impressive patience. But Great Danes are not just the tallest dogs; they are agile and particularly good at hunting. So, these dogs also offer protection and companionship to their humans.

Majestic black Newfoundland dog outdoors.
Largest Dog Breeds: Newfoundland

Exploring the Realm of Giant Dog Breeds: Discovering the Biggest Companions

Giant dog breeds have their world that would leave any dog owner in awe. The American Kennel Club recognizes these breeds primarily because of their size and might. Most of them are working dogs and have been of great help to humans since ancient times.

These dogs aren’t just huge. Yes, they were originally bred for physically demanding jobs. Yet, they are much more than that. They are loyal, protective, and great companions who love their families to bits. Their size might be imposing, but their hearts are just as big.

The Criteria for Giant: What Makes a Dog Breed a True Titan?

When you’re thinking of giants in the dog world, you might picture the Swiss Alps. Why? Well, the mountains aren’t related to dogs. But like these towering peaks, giant dog breeds stand tall and mighty. They’re like the skyscrapers in the City of dogs. For instance, take the Great Dane, one of the tallest breeds around.

But don’t be fooled – size isn’t all there is to these doggy titans. Indeed, there’s more than meets the eye. Other traits also set them apart from their smaller dog companions. You’ll find that the physical strength, temperament, and overall health often differ between the giants and the wee ones. And you might be surprised how the giant dog breeds are not necessarily the tallest dog breed. Consider factors beyond height to appreciate the true giants in the dog world.

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Comprehensive Statistics of the Largest Dog Breeds

BreedAverage Weight in lbs and (kg)Average Height in and (cm)Country of OriginPrimary Breed Trait
Irish Wolfhound140-180 (63.5-81.6)32-35 (81-89)IrelandGentle, Quiet
Great Dane110-175 (50-79.4)28-32 (71-81)GermanyFriendly, Patient
Scottish Deerhound85-110 (38.5-49.9)28-32 (71-81)ScotlandDignified, Gentle
Saint Bernard120-180 (54.4-81.6)26-30 (66-76)SwitzerlandFriendly, Patient
Newfoundland100-150 (45.3-68)26-28 (66-71)CanadaGentle, Sweet-Natured
English Mastiff120-230 (54.4-104.3)27.5-30 (70-76)EnglandCourageous, Good-Natured
Leonberger90-170 (40.8-77.1)25.5-31.5 (65-80)GermanyFriendly, Gentle
Neapolitan Mastiff110-150 (50-68)24-31 (61-79)ItalyProtective, Loyal
Tibetan Mastiff70-150 (31.7-68)24-30 (61-76)TibetStubborn, Protective
French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux)99-110 (45-50)23-27 (58-69)FranceCourageous, Loyal
Anatolian Shepherd80-150 (36.2-68)27-29 (68.5-73.6)TurkeyIndependent, Protective
Bernese Mountain Dog70-120 (31.7-54.4)23-27.5 (58-70)SwitzerlandFriendly, Calm
Bullmastiff100-130 (45.3-59)24-27 (61-69)EnglandLoyal, Brave
Great Pyrenees85-160 (38.5-72.5)25-32 (63.5-81)France/SpainConfident, Gentle
Alaskan Malamute75-100 (34-45.3)22-26 (56-66)United StatesAffectionate, Loyal
Cane Corso88-110 (40-50)23.5-27.5 (60-70)ItalyProtective, Affectionate
Caucasian Shepherd99-170 (45-77.1)23-30 (58-76)Russia/GeorgiaBrave, Strong-Willed
Central Asian Shepherd88-110 (40-50)24-28 (61-71)Central AsiaIndependent, Courageous
Black Russian Terrier80-130 (36.2-59)26-30 (66-76)RussiaConfident, Calm
Broholmer90-150 (40.8-68)27.5-29.5 (70-75)DenmarkFriendly, Calm
Kuvasz70-115 (31.7-52.1)26-30 (66-76)HungaryLoyal, Protective
Estrela Mountain Dog77-132 (35-60)24.5-28.5 (62-72)PortugalProtective, Loyal
Landseer99-110 (45-50)26.5-31.5 (67-80)Germany/ SwitzerlandFriendly, Patient
Akbash90-140 (40.8-63.5)27-34 (68.5-86)TurkeyIndependent, Protective

The Great Dane: A Towering Figure Among the Popular Dog Breeds

The Great Dane is a giant in the world of dog lovers. Its massive size is an amazing sight! This breed stands proud among the rest. Always elegant and regal, they seem to know they’re impressive. But it’s not all about size. They are gentle and loving as well, making a charming balance.

As towering as they are, Great Danes don’t just excel in size. They are also great at dog sports. Their quick agile genes make them stand out. Yet, they aren’t just athletes.

Kings of old adored them, too. They served as loyal war dogs back in the day. Now, they’re winning hearts as loyal companion dogs. This breed is full of surprises!

Dalmatian dog walking on beach near ocean waves.

Zeus: The Great Dane’s Record-Breaking Height

Zeus, a magnificent Great Dane from the United States, holds the record as the tallest dog ever documented. On October 4, 2011, he reached an astounding height of 1.118 meters (44 inches), proudly owned by Denise Doorlag and her family in Otsego, Michigan. Tipping the scales at 70.30 kilograms (155 pounds), Zeus’s diet consisted of roughly 13.6 kilograms (30 pounds) of food every fortnight, highlighting the extraordinary scale of his presence and the immense love and care provided by his family.

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The Majestic Mastiff Family: English Mastiff and French Mastiff – Guardians of the Giant Dog Breed

The biggest dog in the world title often the English Mastiff, is known for its massive size. The typical English Mastiff weighs between 150 to 230 pounds! Yes, you heard it right, it’s not a typo. Their sheer size, combined with a history as a guardian dog, makes them stand out. They’ve been around for ages, protecting families, property, and livestock.

The English Mastiff’s French cousin isn’t catching up! The French Mastiff, also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux, has a rich history. Once they were designated as the royal dog of Scotland. These fellows don’t just have size, they have muscles too! They’ve got a bulky physique, and on top of that, a heart big enough to guard everyone they love. The Mastiff family surely does justice to the term “giant dog breed”.

Neapolitan Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff: Ancient Protectors and Esteemed Members of the Largest Dog Breeds

The Neapolitan Mastiff, an ancient breed from Italy, is a breed that commands respect with its size and disposition. Many people feel a touch of awe when approaching these majestic animals. Similarly, the Tibetan Mastiff, a protector from ancient times, carries an imposing presence despite its soft, cuddly appearance. Often mistaken as lions, they own one of the world’s biggest dog breeds title.

It’s important to note, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), that both these breeds require consistent and early socialization. A word of caution though, don’t expect them to be as social as the Dog of Scotland, the famous Border Collie. These mastiffs were bred to guard and protect, making them naturally suspicious of strangers. That said, their loyalty to their family is unwavering, making them popular guard dogs for centuries.

Saint Bernard: The Gentle Giant of the Alps and a Star Among the Biggest Dog Breeds

The world of gentle giants wouldn’t be the same without the Saint Bernard. This breed has made its mark among the world’s largest dog breeds. With its grand stature and loving nature, it stands tall and strong. Indeed, it’s one of the tallest dogs you’ll ever come across.

At first, folks thought of it as a fighting dog. This giant beast held a formidable presence, after all. But here’s a wild fact for you: a Saint Bernard holds a spot on the Guinness World Records as a dog with the longest tongue. Yep, it’s that impressive. This breed claims the title of the largest dog on the planet. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

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Irish Wolfhound: Elegance and Power Within the Top 25 Largest Dog Breeds

So, you’re all set to dive into the world of large and giant dog breeds? Prepare then, to encounter the enchanting Irish Wolfhound. Huge and hearty, these charming beasts can outsize even the big boys in the category, like the Pyrenean mountain dog. Their size doesn’t steal from their grace, though. They move with an elegance that’s a sight to behold!

Irish Wolfhound sitting on green grass.
Irish Wolfhound: Large dog breed

You’d figure with their size that they’re not exactly lap dog material. You’re right, but they seem to disagree. Irish Wolfhounds tower over and adore spending time with their human companions.

Unfortunately, they aren’t one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds, so you might need to stock up on some tissues. But trust me, their loving nature makes them worth every sneeze!

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Newfoundland and Leonberger: The Water Rescuers and Mountain Companions in the Large Dog Breed Category

Newfoundland, one of the big breeds, is famous for its water rescue missions. These pooches were, and still are, well-loved by fishermen. They’re also incredibly swimmers, thanks to their muscular build and webbed feet. The Newfoundland possesses the proportionately largest head among the giant breeds, useful for hauling in nets and even saving lives at sea.

On the other hand, the Leonberger was a status symbol for European royalty, a popular giant in the past. They have a double coat and the strength to pull loads in harsh mountain terrains. It’s not all work for these gentle giants, though. The Leonberger is also known for its calm demeanor and love for human companions. They are not just working dogs but also loyal friends, making them perfect for families looking for a big, loveable pet.

Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees: The Heartwarming Heroes of the Big Dog Breed Circle

Both Bernese Mountain Dogs and Great Pyrenees are a sight to behold. These breeds around are giants, yes, but they’ve also got killer personalities. Don’t let their size fool you, they are real sweethearts. Bernese Mountain Dogs are an experienced dog’s delight. They are magnificent in the truest sense, but they have playful personalities akin to a small dog.

Each dog is known for their distinct qualities. The Bernese is your all-weather friend, always there, rain or shine. On the other hand, the Great Pyrenees is your knight in white fur. A loyal protector, this dog breed always has your back. So, if you’re in for some adventure, you’ve got two big pals ready to join in!

Bernese Mountain Dog in a forest clearing.
Largest Dog Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog in a forest clearing.

Scottish Deerhound and Anatolian Shepherd: Grace and Vigilance in the World of Large Breed Dogs

You know, the Scottish Deerhound is quite a sight to see! This dog comes from a line of hunters originally bred for tracking and chasing down deer in Scotland. With a height that can easily reach 32 inches, it makes many smaller breeds look like toys in comparison. However, it might surprise you to find out that, despite their size, Deerhounds are gentle giants. Their soft, wiry fur and graceful personality are truly something to admire.

Let’s switch gears for a moment to the Anatolian Shepherd– a breed with its roots in Turkey. Fondly nicknamed the “Anatolian,” this dog stands as one of the heaviest dogs you can have as a pet. Built for the tough job of guarding livestock, these dogs are as determined as they are large. Despite their impressive size though, these shepherds are known for their protective and vigilant nature.

Dogue de Bordeaux and Bullmastiff: The Mighty Watchdogs of the Large Dog Breeds

The Dogue de Bordeaux is no ordinary pooch. This dog is a giant, boasting the largest head of any breed. With a face that only a true dog lover could adore, it proudly carries its heavily wrinkled, wide head high. Originally bred to protect homes and hunt big game, these power-packed dogs now make exceptional companions. As long as they get enough exercise, they’re happy to laze around with their favorite humans.

The Bullmastiff, on the other hand, is another story. Classified as a loyal working dog, this breed is quite a hard worker. They’re well-known as versatile working dogs, juggling roles as watchdogs, tracking dogs, and guard dogs. But what sets them apart is their uncanny ability to perfectly balance their work and home life. So, while they’re no-nonsense at work, they’re quite soft and gentle at home, often craving affection from their family members.

Kuvasz and Landseer: The Unsung Heroes of the Big Dog Breed Families

Hailing from Hungary, the Kuvasz is a breed that doesn’t seek the limelight. Still, it’s one of the tallest breeds and is usually classified among the large guard dog breeds. They are kind of a big deal in their homeland. They are respected and admired for their power and fearlessness.

Landseers, on the other hand, are a force to be reckoned with. Originating from Newfoundland, they are powerful working dogs. These dog breeds are typically associated with water-rescue work. Like their cousin, the Newfoundland, these dogs are quite at home in the water. Most of the time, they are pretty quiet, but when duty calls, they are all business.

Two Newfoundland dogs posing on white background
Largest Dog Breeds: Landseer

Black Russian Terrier and Akbash: Distinguished Protectors Among the Biggest Dog Breeds

The dogs on this list, the Black Russian Terrier and the Akbash, vary in their origins. However, they share the common trait of being among the popular giant dog breeds. Now let’s jump on, where these dog breeds go in their characteristics.

Black Russian Terrier’s persona is by nature very protective. These furry companions are highly intelligent and known for their agility. On the other hand, Akbash are quite famous for their guarding instincts. They are gentle with families but reserved around strangers. Despite their vast size and imposing appearance, these dog breeds can make comforting and dependable companions. They easily become an integral part of families and households across the world.

Alaskan Malamute: The Powerhouses of the Giant Dog Breed

The Alaskan Malamute is a real powerhouse among different dog types. With its ability to pull heavy loads in cold weather, it’s a breed in its league.

It’s a beast of burden in the frosty expanse of its Alaskan homeland. Its beauty is truly majestic but it also means they require experienced dog owners to handle their stubborn and independent nature.

Happy Siberian Husky running in sunlight
Largest Dog Breeds: The Alaskan Malamute

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Broholmer and Cane Corso: The Legacy of Guardianship in the Largest Dog Breed Lineup

The Broholmer, hailing from Denmark, is a breed that certainly holds its own among the heaviest dog breeds. Once renowned for guarding royals, this friendly giant prefers a calm, family-oriented lifestyle nowadays. The breed is not very familiar to most, especially when compared with small dog breeds. Yet its legacy leaves a deep imprint in the world of large dogs.

On the other side, we find the Cane Corso, an impressive Italian breed known for its unparalleled guarding skills. Even with a stern outlook, they’re loving family members when the work day ends. They’re stars in the roster of large breeds, shining bright despite being bigger and heavier than the spotlight-stealing small dog breeds. A Cane Corso’s legacy is a testament to guardianship, proving that big dogs can have even bigger hearts.

Cane Corso dog lying against white background.
Cane Corso: One of the Largest Dog Breeds

Caucasian Shepherd and Central Asian Shepherd: The Fortresses of the Large Dog Breed Domain

Caucasian Shepherds are hefty and muscular, often described as bear-like. They are a sight to behold with their abundant double coat, either long or short. They pack a punch of bravery, yet exude a good-natured temperament. Their intelligence is something that stands out, making them excellent guardians for families.

The breed’s eastern counterpart, Central Asian Shepherds, shares many characteristics. They too stand tall and proud, with a sturdier build. Their coat lacks the volume but makes up for it in resilience to harsh weather. As protectors, they exhibit a staunch will and unnerving courage. Despite their raw strength, just like the Caucasian Shepherds, they too boast of an unwavering affection for their families.

The Estrela Mountain Dog: A Hidden Gem in the Realm of Giant Dog Breeds

The Estrela Mountain Dog is a charming blend of strength and devotion. These dogs hail from Portugal and have protective instincts deeply embedded in their DNA. As livestock guardians, the breed boasts not only a large size but also an enormous heart. Their loyalty and devotion stand out remarkably, even among other giant dog breeds.

A closer look at the Estrela Mountain Dog will reveal its distinct qualities. The breed’s plush, long coat is its first striking feature, serving to protect the dog in harsh mountain climates. These dogs are family-oriented and deeply bonded with their families. Their affectionate nature and imposing stature make them hidden gems in the world of giant dog breeds.

The Estrela Mountain Dog have a unique blend of characteristics that make them stand out:

  • They are known for their strength and loyalty. The Estrela Mountain Dog is not just physically strong, but also emotionally resilient. Their devotion to their families is unparalleled.
  • Originating from Portugal, these dogs were bred as livestock guardians. This background has instilled in them an instinctive protective nature which they retain even today.
  • Despite being giant breeds, they possess enormous hearts. These dogs are incredibly affectionate and caring towards their human companions.
  • The breed’s physical attributes include a plush, long coat which serves more than just aesthetic purposes. It’s designed to protect the dog in harsh mountain climates.
  • Family-oriented by nature, these dogs form deep bonds with all members of the family. They thrive on love and attention from their humans.

The Estrela Mountain Dog is a hidden gem among giant dog breeds. Due to its unique combination of qualities such as strength, loyalty, protective instincts, and a loving nature. So if you’re considering getting a large dog breed that can also serve as your loyal companion, this breed might be worth looking into!

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Concluding Thoughts on the Giants of the Dog World: Celebrating the Diversity of the 25 Largest Dog Breeds

Exploring the world of the largest dog breeds is truly a fascinating adventure. These colossal companions have been shaping our lives and societies for centuries. They hold vital roles in various aspects, from rescue work to livestock protection. Their heroic nature, undeniable power, and awe-inspiring size never cease to amaze.

From discovering the titan grace of the Irish Wolfhound to diving into the fortitude of the Caucasian Shepherd, every breed holds an enchanting story. They radiate warmth and add vibrancy to our world with their diversity. The bond they share with humans is indeed a testament to their incredible nature. Through understanding and celebrating this diversity, we can better appreciate our giant furry friends.



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