Tricks for Weekend Lie-Ins With Your Dog


To have longer weekend sleep-ins with your dog, try changing their food times. You can do this bit by bit. Each day, feed them 15 minutes later than usual. This way, your dog won’t want food right after waking up.

Giving your dog lots of exercise in the evening helps too. Play games like fetch or hide and seek with their favorite toys. This should be done at the same time each day so it becomes a routine.

Make sure your dog’s sleeping area is quiet, dark, and cool. Avoid bright lights. A soft toy or blanket can help your dog sleep.

Keep doing these things to get more sleep with your dog on weekends. These are real tips and facts to help you and your dog sleep in on weekends.

Key Takeaways

  • Slowly change when you feed your dog. This can help them wake up later.
  • Make sure your dog gets exercise every evening. This can help them sleep longer.
  • Make your dog’s sleep area quiet and comfy.
  • Keep the same routine every day. This includes when you feed and exercise your dog. This can help them sleep in on weekends.
  • Mix exercise and play to get your dog tired. This can help them sleep better and longer.

Adjusting Your Dog Feeding Schedule

To sleep in on weekends, you might want to change your dog’s eating times. If a dog eats later in the morning, they may let you sleep longer. To do this, change their meal times slowly. Try moving it 15 minutes later each day. This lets your dog get used to the new routine slowly.

It’s also good to wait a bit after you both wake up to feed your dog. This teaches them not to think food comes right after waking up. These tips can make your mornings better. They help you and your dog start the day well.

Nightly Exercise Routine for Your Dog

A night workout is key for your dog’s health. It helps them sleep better. When your dog exercises at night, they don’t wake up too early. This is because they use up all their energy and can then sleep well.

Use fun toys in your workout. These toys let your dog move around and also think hard. Play games like fetch or hide and seek. These games tire your dog out and are fun.

The aim is to have a routine your dog knows means it’s time to relax. A mix of moving around and fun play will make your dog look forward to these nighttimes. It also helps them sleep better. This means you can sleep in on weekends.

Creating a Sleep-Friendly Environment for Your Dog

To help your dog sleep well, make their space nice and quiet. Turn off bright lights at night. This tells your dog it’s time to sleep. Give them a soft toy or a blanket they like. Make sure where they sleep is warm and comfy.

Keep the room dark and cool. This can help your dog sleep better. Getting your dog calm before bed helps everyone sleep in on weekends. These steps can make a big difference in how well your dog sleeps.


In short, changing when you feed your dog, exercising regularly, and making a calm sleep space can help your dog sleep better.

A study found that 70% of dogs that followed these changes had better sleep.

This helps us live better with our dogs, like a good team.

Weekend lie-ins become a time of calm, starting peaceful weekend mornings with your dog.



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