Dry Eye In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments


Dry eye, or KCS, in dogs shows up in many ways. You might see red eyes, thick stuff coming out of the eyes, or your dog pawing at their eyes. They may also not like bright light. Some breeds are more likely to get dry eye. It can also come from eye damage, dust, pollen, or hormone issues.

If your dog has dry eye, there are a few things you can do. You can use eye drops to help make more tears. There are also small plugs that keep the eyes moist. In bad cases, the vet might need to do surgery. By learning more, you can understand this condition better.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs with dry eye often have red eyes. They may feel uncomfortable in bright light. They might also have sores on their eye’s surface.
  • Certain dog breeds have weak tear glands. This can cause dry eye. Eye damage, exposure to irritants, and hormonal problems can also cause it.
  • You can use a warm cloth on your dog’s eye at home. There are special eye drops for dogs too.
  • Vets may use wetting drops for treatment. They can also use cyclosporine drops to help make more tears. In severe cases, surgery might be needed.
  • Regular eye check-ups can prevent dry eye. Keep your dog’s eye area clean. Try to keep them away from irritants. A good diet can also help.

Identifying Dry Eye Symptoms

Knowing the signs of dry eye in dogs is key. Look for red eyes or a thick goo coming from the eye. Your dog may paw at its eyes often. It might not like bright light. It may also get sores on the eye’s surface. Spotting these signs early is important. It can help you start treatment sooner. This can stop more serious problems.

As a dog owner, you should watch for these signs. You can use simple at-home treatments like a warm cloth on the eye. Or, you can use eye drops made for dogs. But, always talk to a vet before starting any treatment.

Being quick to see these signs can help your dog a lot. It can stop the problem from getting worse. It also builds a strong bond with your pet. It makes your pet feel safe and loved.

Understanding Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eye in dogs can happen for many reasons. Some breeds are born with small or weak tear glands, meaning they can’t make enough tears. Damage to the eye area can also hurt these glands, making it hard for them to produce tears.

Dust or allergens in the air can exacerbate dry eye by irritating the already dry eyes. Additionally, a dog’s hormones, especially in the case of a thyroid problem, can impact tear production.

Understanding these causes can help us better comprehend our dogs’ needs and potentially seek help for them sooner.

Effective Treatments for Dry Eye

If your dog has dry eyes, you need a good plan. This means using wetting drops for the eyes, treating any infections, and sometimes surgery.

New studies have shown more ways to help. One way is using cyclosporine drops. These drops help your dog make more tears. Another way is using small plugs to keep the tears in the eye longer.

If the dry eyes are very bad, a surgery may help. This surgery moves saliva to the eye to act like tears. These treatments can work, but you need to follow your vet’s advice carefully.


In simple words, dry eye in dogs is a health issue. It’s when a dog can’t make enough tears.

Signs of this problem are red eyes and sometimes severe eye damage. It can happen because of the type of dog or problems with the immune system.

The vet may suggest using eye drops or even doing surgery. It’s very important to know about this issue. Quick help from a vet can protect a dog’s eyesight and overall health.



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