Entropion In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments


Entropion is when a dog’s eyelid rolls inward. This can hurt the eye and may even damage it. Signs of entropion are redness, a lot of tears, and squinting. It usually happens because of the dog’s genes. Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shar Peis get it more often.

But, an eye injury or infection can cause it too. The best treatment is a surgery that stops the eyelid from rolling in. After surgery, the dog needs good care to get better. Regular vet visits are important to make sure the eye is healing right.

Learning more about entropion can help us understand it better, how to prevent it, and how to care for it.

Key Takeaways

  • Entropion in dogs can cause them to squint and have red, teary eyes. It often comes from their genes.
  • Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shar Peis are more likely to get Entropion.
  • Eye injuries and infections can also lead to Entropion.
  • The usual cure is surgery. This stops the eyelid from folding in by removing a tiny bit of tissue.
  • After surgery, dogs need medicine, protection from scratching their eyes, and regular vet visits.

Identifying Entropion Symptoms

To spot Entropion in dogs, look for signs like squinting a lot, red eyes, and too much tearing up. It’s important to spot these signs early for quick treatment. Checking your dog’s eyes often can help catch this early.

Some dog breeds get this more often due to their genes. Knowing this can help in preventing this condition. Good eye care is key for dogs, especially ones more prone to Entropion. It’s a big part of keeping them healthy overall.

Understanding Entropion Causes

When we talk about why dogs get Entropion, we often find it’s due to their genes. This means some dogs are born with a higher risk. Breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shar Peis are more likely to have it.

Injuries can also cause Entropion in dogs. A hurt eye can make the eyelid roll inwards. This causes the same pain and harm as the genetic issue. Eye infections can also lead to this problem.

Taking good care of your dog’s eyes can help avoid this. It’s also vital to treat any eye injuries right away. This can stop Entropion from happening.

Exploring Entropion Treatments

Fixing a dog’s entropion needs a careful look at its health and often, surgery. Surgeons play a big part in this process. Their goal is to stop the eyelid from folding inwards. This stops more pain or harm to the eye. They do this using a surgery called entropion surgery.

This surgery takes a tiny bit of tissue out of the eyelid that’s hurt. After the surgery, care is very important. This includes giving your dog the right medicine, stopping your dog from scratching its eyes, and keeping the surgery spot clean. Regular check-ups with the vet are also needed. This helps keep an eye on how the healing is going and to handle any issues quickly.

Your pet’s eye health is very important. With good care, entropion can be treated well.


In short, entropion is a common dog eye problem. It’s when the eyelid folds inwards, which can hurt the eye. If you see your dog’s eye is red, it’s squinting, or tearing up a lot, it might have entropion.

This problem can be passed down in families, or happen because of an injury or infection. The best way to fix it is with surgery. This helps keep a dog’s eye healthy.

So, knowing and treating entropion is key to keeping your dog in the best health.



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