Fever In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Dogs with fever may act tired, shiver, or have red eyes and warm ears. A dog’s normal body heat is from 101 to 102.5 degrees. If it’s higher, your dog might have a fever. This can happen for many reasons. Some causes are infections from wounds or the urinary tract, tick-borne diseases, or eating harmful things.

To treat a dog’s fever, find out what’s causing it. Then, you can cool your dog down or give it medicine from the vet. NSAIDs are a common kind of medicine for this. The pet owner and vet need to work together. This helps the dog get better faster.

Learning more about your dog’s health is very useful.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs with a fever may feel tired, shake, have red eyes, and hot ears. Their body heat should be from 101 to 102.5 degrees.
  • Things like infections, tick illnesses, eating toxic stuff, pee infections, and immune problems can give dogs a fever.
  • To treat a dog’s fever, find the cause, cool them down, and maybe give them drugs for swelling under vet care.
  • Regular vet visits, shots, tick control, and a good diet help prevent fever in dogs.
  • Knowing the signs, causes, treatments, and how to prevent dog fever helps with fast help and healing.

Recognizing Fever Symptoms

Seeing signs of fever in dogs is key. Dogs with fever may act tired or sad. They may shake, have red eyes, or warm ears. These signs help you know if your dog is sick.

Your dog’s normal body heat is 101 to 102.5 degrees. If your dog has these signs, call the vet quickly. Early help can make your dog get better faster. It can also stop other health problems.

As a pet owner, your watchful eye can help a lot.

Understanding Fever Causes

When we talk about what causes fever in dogs, it can be many things. It could be from a urinary tract infection or sickness from a tick. It can even be from eating something bad. Sometimes, a small cut or bite can cause a fever if it gets infected. Some dogs get fevers from problems with their immune system.

As dog lovers, we need to know about these causes. We can help prevent fevers. We can do this by making sure our dogs get their shots. We should check for ticks often. We need to keep them away from bad things they might eat. We should also make sure they eat a balanced diet. This can help our dogs stay healthy. It can keep them from getting fevers.

Approaches to Fever Treatment

Often, we treat a dog’s fever by finding its cause. It could be an infection or inflammation. To cool a dog down, you can put cool water on its paws and ears. Do this slowly to avoid shock.

There are also medicines. One is Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). But, only a vet should give these drugs. The pet owner and vet work together. This makes the pet owner feel part of the pet care team.


In short, a fever in dogs is a tricky problem. It usually means your dog has other health problems. It needs quick help from a vet. Catching it early and treating it fast can stop it from getting worse.

It’s always best to stop the fever from happening in the first place. That way, our dogs can stay healthy and free from fever. By knowing more about dog fevers, we can keep our pets safe and happy.



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