Should We Stock Up On Dog Supplies Now? We Asked A Vet And A PetSmart Assistant Store Leader


Talking to a vet and a PetSmart store boss, they both say it’s good to have enough dog stuff for two weeks. This means food, medicine, and first aid items. But don’t buy too much as it can cause shortages and stress for other pet owners.

Keeping dogs happy means sticking to routines and playing with them. Different dogs have different needs, based on things like age, breed, and health. To know more, keep reading these tips.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s smart to have extra dog supplies on hand. This helps you feel safe and ready for anything.
  • But, don’t buy too much. This can cause shortages, which hurts other pet owners. Buy just what you need.
  • Key supplies to have are two weeks’ worth of food, medicine, and simple first-aid items.
  • Keep up with your dog’s daily routines and playtime. This helps them feel calm when things change.
  • Look after your dog’s health. Get the right food for their specific dietary needs.

Understanding the Need to Stockpile

Why should we store up dog supplies?

It’s helpful in tough times, like natural disasters or pandemics. It can stop supply worries. You know your dog’s needs are met no matter what. This gives peace of mind to both you and your pet. It makes your home feel secure.

But, think about buying online and getting home delivery too. Knowing why to store up and finding other options isn’t panic buying. It’s smart planning to keep our furry family members safe.

The Impact of Hoarding Pet Supplies

It’s smart to have enough pet supplies. But, overbuying can cause problems. Too much buying can make things run out. This can stress pet owners.

Hoarding can make stuff seem scarce. This hurts those who need supplies. We all need to think about this. We share in making sure all pets get what they need.

Buy only what you need. This keeps supplies steady and stops panic. Remember, loving pets means thinking of other pet owners, too.

Identifying Essential Supplies for Dogs

When getting ready for unknown events, we must list and gather needed supplies for dogs. Their health and well-being depend on it.

Start by saving a two-week stash of your dog’s favorite food and any required medicines. Basic first-aid items like medical tape, gauze squares, and styptic powder are also key.

If you worry about supplies, remember pet stores are vital and stay open. These stores may be busy and buying might be tough. Yet, they are actively filling up their stocks. If you wish, you can choose home deliveries to stay away from crowds.

It’s crucial to maintain regular routines. This helps to lower stress and keep dogs stable in these unsure times.

Adjusting Dogs to Changing Circumstances

In times of change, we need to adjust our dogs’ daily habits. This helps keep them happy and healthy. One way to do this is by keeping meal times, walks, and play times the same each day. This gives them a sense of routine.

To keep your dog’s mind busy, use toys, puzzles, or training games. This stops them from feeling bored or worried. Also, give them time by themselves. This helps stop them from feeling anxious when you’re not there.

Our furry friends look to us for safety and comfort. So, we must make these changes in a way that’s easy for them. Let’s keep stress low.

Maintaining Dog Health and Wellness

Taking care of our dogs’ health needs thought and planning. What they eat is very important. Their meals need to fit their age, breed, and health. This makes their bodies work well.

Being ready for emergencies is key too. A pet first-aid kit is a must-have. Also, keep two weeks’ worth of their usual food and any medicine. Your pet counts on you for their health.

Managing Dogs Routine During Quarantine

During these stay-at-home times, it’s important to keep your dog happy and busy. Make sure they get enough exercise. Simple games like fetch or tug-of-war are good. They can be played inside. It’s also important to keep their minds busy. Use puzzle toys or teach them new tricks. This keeps their minds sharp.

Don’t forget to feed them at the usual times and let them sleep as they normally do. This helps keep things normal for them. Even if you’re home all the time, try to give them some alone time. This can help with any future separation anxiety.

Proactive Measures for Dog Owners

As dog owners, we must plan for our pets. In times of doubt, make sure your dog has enough food and medicine for two weeks. Sometimes, there’s worry about finding these items. But remember, pet stores are a must-have business. They stay open and often bring stuff to your door.

Think about making a first-aid kit for your pet. This helps them be ready for anything. A routine with exercise and fun is also key. Also, spend some time away from your pet. This helps avoid them getting too attached and upset when you’re not around.


In simple words, it’s important to plan for our dogs in tough times. We should keep a good stock of needed items, but not too much. This stops us from hoarding. We need to help our dogs adjust to changes and keep them healthy.

Did you know that about 70% of homes in the US have a pet? That’s why this is so important. With careful planning and smart choices, we can take good care of our dogs when things get hard.



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